Products and Solutions

  • Harbour Monitoring

    Real Time System for monitoring present weather, water level, wave height and water current conditions in and around harbours and ports.

  • Water

    System for long-term monitoring of Turbidity, Water Quality, Water Level and Flow.

  • Visibility

    Visibility Sensors measures atmospheric visibility (meteorological optical range) by determining the amount of light scattered by particles in the air (smoke, dust, haze, fog, rain, & snow).

  • Cloud-based Data collection

    Airviro, developed by Apertum IT, is a cloud-based system for Data collection and Presentation. It is also an Air Quality Management system integrated for time data handling, emission inventories, dispersion modeling. Continuously developed since 1990 with thousands of users all over the world.

  • Dam Saftey

    Systems monitoring the state of dams used for hydropower

  • Weather Stations

    Custom built Weather Stations. Customized according to needs, conditions and requirements.

  • Sensors

    Sensors for measurements of meteorological, hydrological and oceanographic conditions

  • Measurement and Control Peripherals

    Dataloggers and Data Acquisition Systems. Communication Devices.

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